Highlight App ”gives you a sixth sense about the world around you” by notifying users to the nearby presence of others with similar connections and interests. After users connect their Facebook profiles, it pushes their basic information to other people who use the app. The app only makes the connection if the two parties have something in common.

This stole the show at SxSWi and firmly rooted the idea of SoMoLo (social, mobile, local). According to it’s Founder James Davidson, “It’s a number of things coming together, smartphones are everywhere, Facebook is ubiquitous, all this data is in the cloud and it’s all highly recognizable, the ability to run mobile apps in the background is fairly new, push notifications, battery life is just now barely good enough and it’s only getting better.”

With the rise of smartphones, the behaviour of LBS will become more relevant. Apps like Highlight seem like an obvious progression for social mobile. In the same way Facebook taps into our human voyeuristic urges, SoMo apps tweak your curiosity to engage with new people around you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It’s useful. It’s an antidote to Internet bedroom culture. Now, go out and actually meet people for real, that you have loads in common with. Remember, there are is only 3.74 degrees of separation in the world (according to Facebook)

15 March 2012